Students Celebrate Week of Respect

HHS students joined schools across the nation in observing a “Week of Respect” during October 7-11, in hope of preventing harassment, intimidation and bullying at their own school.

HHS students practiced words of kindness by presenting inspirational stories during morning announcements.  To promote the week of respect, Mrs. Julie Wilson’s students created and posted signs throughout the high school.

According to Miss Gina Cinotti, the K-12 Director of Guidance and District Anti-Bullying Coordinator, Hopatcong district schools are going above and beyond to teach students about respect. Cinotti brought all stakeholders together to ensure Hopatcong schools are not just meeting the requirement, but going above and beyond to meet the needs of all learners.

At the high school, student input was used in the implementation process of the week’s program. Cinotti pointed out that all district programs promoting respect had to be age-appropriate at all grade levels.

According to Cinotti, programs included: Acts of Kindness, Rainbow Express, C.U.R.E (Children United to Respect Everyone), Spirit Days, Diversity Day, Mix- It Up Day, and Ice- breaker lessons; students were reminded to respect themselves, their teachers, their administration, and each other.

New Jersey recognizes the need for  a well-rounded education that pays attention to the student academically, socially and emotionally.  Hopatcong district schools will continue to promote “acceptance” and “respect” as the school year goes forward.

New Jersey’s anti-bulling law is known as the toughest in the country.  The state is known for requiring public schools to have anti-bullying policies.


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