Survey Says….

With the 2013 school year in full swing, we want to know what YOU, the students of Hopatcong High School, are looking forward to the most! The Arrow is officially introducing surveys and contests every month as a means of collecting opinions and engaging the student body.

This month’s survey asked each grade different questions about its outlook on the 2013 school year. We solicited the freshmen’s opinions on what they are most looking forward to in their first year as high school students: Meeting new people, making a good impression, sports and clubs, or new classes. Of the 89 returned freshman surveys, the top two results are as follows: 44% for sports and clubs and 26% for meeting new people.

The sophomores were questioned as to their thoughts about completing their first year of high school: I miss freshmen year, I can’t wait for the next three years, this is boring, or I love my teachers. The top two results of the 71 participating sophomores are: 46% for I can’t wait for the next three years and 24% for this is boring.

Juniors were asked to describe their year thus far in one word: eye-opening, boring, stressful, or exciting. Of the 92 junior returned surveys, the top two results were 53% for stressful and 17% for eye-opening.

Last but not least, we questioned the graduating seniors as to what they are most excited for in their last year of high school: AP classes, prom, senior trip, or college! college! college! The top two results of the 82 participating are: 35% senior trip and 35% college! college! college!

Thanks to all who participated in the October survey. To express your concerns and outlooks on the school community, stay tuned for additional surveys and contests to participate in!


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