Student Teacher Meets Success

HHS student teacher Katelyn Dahlin ended her 10 week practice teaching with a December Gatsby party in Mrs. DeRose’s English 2 honors classes. The party was a culmination to a unit on the 1920’s and F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The party included food, dancing, and 1920’s Power-point projects.

Ms. Dahlin graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey in spring of 2013. About her student teaching at Hopatcong, Dahlin said,” I had a great time teaching at Hopatcong high school. I could not have asked for a better cooperating teacher than Mrs. DeRose.  All of my classes were very welcoming and respectful even though I was a younger teacher.”

The first few weeks Dahlin learned how to manage the classroom with Mrs.DeRose’s  guidance. When weeks passed, Dahlin soon began taking on DeRose’s classes

The students enjoyed Dahlin’s creativity and congenial mannerisms. “I think she was a great teacher and adapted very well into the classroom,” said sophomore Dana Bibeault.

Miss.Dahlin ultimately took over three of Mrs. DeRose’s classes. She was also involved with Parent -Teacher Night, Back to School Night, and conferences. She looks forward to having a class of her own, but for now she will continue to be a substitute teacher.

“It was a wonderful experience for both of us,” said DeRose, regarding Dahlin’s student teaching.  “Young teachers, as creative and dedicated as Ms. Dahlin, remind us veteran teachers of why we became teachers.”





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