A Message to Seniors…


On September 6, 2011, our high school journey began. As nervous freshmen, we carefully prepared our belongings and entered into our new home for the next four years. No one knew exactly what to expect of the supposedly “best four years of our lives.” WTLB with J in the Morning blast over the loud speakers as Mr. Michael Juskus spoke about snow and individuality and encouraged the upperclassmen to welcome the freshmen with open arms.

Fast-forward to present day, 2015. The nervous freshmen are now nervous seniors — nervous about the future, but excited for new adventures that await us. As the countdown to graduation becomes all the more real, many of us seniors are reminiscing about our journey through high school—the people we have met, the teachers we have come to love, and the experiences we will take with us for the rest of our lives.

Whether we care to admit it or not, this place has facilitated each and every one of us in growing into the persons we are today. Our fleeting time together should be spent appreciating the bonds we have formed before the clock runs out.

To my fellow Hopatcong High School graduates: Take the time to say goodbye. Goodbye to your classmates. Goodbye to your favorite teachers. Goodbye to the halls you have walked countless times on your way to class.

As you say goodbye, don’t forget to remember that Hopatcong High School wishes you the best of luck and will always be your home.


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