Creative Valentine Ideas



Hopatcong Arrow asked HHS students for creative Valentine ideas.  Here are some of the best:

Richard Barrows [MOST CREATIVE!]

Make macaroni art and spell out their name in macaroni. Then give it to them as you two watch the sunset to the song “I’ll always love you.”



Catalina G.

A perfect Valentine’s date can go two ways: simple or extravagant. Simple is when you go to Frank’s Pizzeria and just hang out. Extravagant is a combination of excitement and love. Taking someone to an amusement park is somewhat extravagant, but taking them to Disney is truly the perfect date.

Aubrey McCarrick

My most creative Valentine’s date would have to be something cute and cheesy… I’d make a blanket fort and have a Disney movie marathon with my date’s favorite snacks and candy J



Have a candle lit dinner, eating potatoes and hummus.


Alejandra Flores

Picnic then hot air balloon ride overlooking a sunset.


Logan Blomquist Branigan

A sweet game of hacky sack with a nice Hawaiian Punch tasting afterwards. Totally gnarly bro.   #TheMostIsPrettyCoolHe’sABro #FruitPunch4Lyfe #VDay


Rachel Fisher

Go on a shopping trip in New York City!


Carly C.

Backpacking to a ton of countries around the world.


Elijah Bailey

Hunting in the woods.


Jessie Brown

Being asked to prom @ the Lenape game from Angelo Lipuma


Richard Barrows

Watching Nicholas Sparks’ movies with a box of tissues to catch the tears.

Sipping non-alcoholic pina coladas while listening to Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville.” Or eating charred cooked burgers while listening to Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”



My idea is to go the movies with my friends, go to the mall, and buy some new clothes and snacks.


Brennan Dickens

Ice stating at the Rockefeller. And then shopping for hours.


Alexis Costa

Take yams on a date.


Em M

An excellent Valentine date would be going to a llama farm! Llamas are fun, cuddly animals–perfect for the love holiday! If you don’t make eye contact, they probably won’t spit on you (hopefully) but even if they did, that’s still okay! Your cute date could wipe the spit off for you!



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