The Art of Letter Writing

Art of Letter WritingWe have all passed a note to a friend at some time in our life, but have you ever received a love letter? Most kids in Generation Y and Z will never get to experience a handwritten love letter. The possibility of our kids receiving a handwritten love letter is about as good as the dinosaurs coming back to roam the Earth.

No one anymore understands what it means to hand write a love letter. In fact, most communication is done on the computer, so young people think that a letter will carry the same meaning if they write it or type it.

Receiving a letter from your loved one, however, can make you feel on top of the world, especially when it was created in the most admirable handwriting. Knowing that your significant other (or secret admirer), took the time out of his/her day for you, makes you feel the best. The next best thing to a handwritten love letter, of course, is the person of your dreams telling you how he/she feels about you in person. Some people are not into that though.

There are other reasons to consider that hand-written love note. If someone were to profess his/her love for another in the middle of the high school hallway, the recipient might freak out and have a panic attack. Handwritten love letters, on the other hand, can be so simple and beautiful. You can even sign the letter with “anonymous” if you are too sheepish to let them know who you actually are right away.

Writing something to your loved one in flawless cursive writing that flows beautifully, is probably the most romantic thing you could do for them.  You take your time to write ever-so-carefully, making sure there are no mistakes because that is how you see your loved one—perfect!

So, the next time you receive that one love letter, think of this: the writer sees you as a beautiful human being without any flaws, and he/ she only wrote to you as he/ she sees you. In other words, you deserve the best!

If you ever receive a love letter, you can cherish it forever. If things go south with you and your loved one, you can simply stick the note in a folder or store it somewhere where it is out of sight and out of mind. Later on—in a few or many years later—you can reread that letter as many times as you wish and even give it to your own kids to prove that love does exist.

Maybe the worst can even happen. For example, your significant other can be going into the Army and he/she sends you love letters telling you how you are missed and loved. One day the messages stop coming and then you get the call. Besides their belongings, you now have the  letters they expressed themselves in— the letters that they once held in the same hands that you once held. You have a memory to keep, forever.

Thus, try something new this Valentine’s Day: write your loved one a beautifully hand-crafted letter. Find the prettiest card or the prettiest piece of paper and go all out. Tell him/her how much you love and care about them. You might even will get one in return.


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  1. Ashley Speciale
    February 12, 2016 at 8:11 am

    Loved reading your article, Crystal. You’re right- receiving a hand written letter is special. Very well written. xoxo

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