Valentine’s Day: 2016 Shout Outs!

valentine's day

To: RJ & Jessie

You guys are pretty cute. Love your favorite twins,

From: Anthony & Angelo


To: Carly C

You are the greatest person EVER! I love all your Facebook posts very much. You’re the best.

From: Cate P


To: Alexis Costa

Hey, umm I really really like you and I just wanted everyone to know that. You DA BEST. XOXO

From Gian (NENE) Aziza


To: Coty

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you! You’re the best; my one and only. Happy 9 months!

From: Ashley

To: Shayla Slater

I’ve always had eyes for you since we were little walking through church. I am so blessed to spend my life with you. I am excited to see what we have in store for our lives. You make my days brighter. I have grown as a person, and I have learned a lot about you and myself. You are my one and only and the one I want to live and grow with. My goal is to go above and beyond with you and explore the world with you, endless limits. We have a bright, adventurous, fun-filled future ahead of us. I love you.

From: Joey Badgley


To: Mr. Oesen

Failing all of your tests is the flea’s eyesbrows!

From: AP Bio


To: Mr. Oesen

You’re the cat’s meow! Your notes are the pig’s wings!

From: AP Bio


To: Amy Alfaro

I’m so glad you’re finally trying to get in shape. <3 Love you so much keep up the good work!

From: Priscilla Ocasio


To: Alejandra Flores

Ayyyy I love you Alé. You’re a cool cat and are a totally radical person.

From: Logan Blomquist Branigan


To: Matt Tillery

Matt you are a cool guy and I want you to be with me forever.

P.S. Hi Matt

From: The Person You Hug


To: Logan Blomquist- Branigan

Second Valentine down and many more to come. I love you and happy anniversary sunshine.

From: Alejandra Flores

To: Bubs

I love you.

From: James O’Brien


To: Kyara Cabrera

Even when you do nothing but stare at me, I still love you. You are the best friend I could ever ask for!

From: Rachel Fisher


To: Talia Fulton

I love you, best friend! You’re my favorite person ever. Happy Valentine’s Day

From: Destinee Tor


To: Destinee

You’re crazy hot. You honestly are really beautiful, and honestly you have a great personality. Probably the best personality a girl could have. Hmu sometime beautiful. PEACE ‘N LOVE FAM!! Lol

From: the kid next to you in English

Amy Alfaro

The best Bestfriend

Daddy Drew


Zach Huapaya

            Zach, I Love you. Your smile makes my day. <3

Secret Admirer (Ben Malizzi)


Brandon Caplan

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m so thankful to be in love with you. Always & forever.

Alexia Long


Alexis Costa

I have the biggest crush on you forever, and you are absolutely perfect! I love you! Be my Valentine?



Matt Marzallo

He is the cutest kid in the school. He always treats me like the princess I am. I’ve wanted to date him, but I’m scared to admit it. Matt I love you.



Anthony J. Christiana

I can’t believe we have made it. Congrats to both of us.

Shane Wilson


Amanda Corujo

You are the greatest ogre-lord that has landed in my swamp. I love you, mom.

The rarest pepe (obo)


To: Cortney Pruden

I can’t wait to spend Sunday with you and many more. Thank you for everything you do, my love! <3

From: Anthony Lipuma


To: Jess Thompson

So happy you’re mine and love you till the end of time. Your smile and laugh make my days 100x better. Love you

From: Jason (Whitty) Whittaker


To: Jackie Travisano

Hey Jackie, I really like you and you’re my best friend.

From: Anonymous


Isabella Barbiero

You are pretty cool and I like your hair.

From: Charlie


To: Sam Scholz

Happy Valentine’s day to my one and only sweetheart! Have a wonderful day, filled with love and happiness! I love you so much!

From: Nicole Meeker


Cate P

You’re crazy! I hope your truck doesn’t get hit by any more busses.



Nailah Orianzi

We may fight a lot, but you’ve always been a good person to me. We always have good conversations and we always help each other out.

Elijah Bailey


Jessie Brown

You always make me laugh. You’re like a bro to me. Shock me up, Jessie!

Angelo Lipuma



I always think, if I didn’t throw your lunch everywhere (even though I don’t remember it) would we be friends? Probably, not. So, you’re welcome, I guess! Xoxo



Angelo/Anthony Lipuma

You always make my day! I can’t wait to go to a 76ers game w/ you! I look forward to English every day because of you two! <3

Jessie Brown


Alexa Sanderson

Thank you for just being all around awesome, beautiful person. Thank you for being there for me.

Richard Barrows.


Richard Barrows

Thank you for just having the best sense of humor, taste of music, movie sense, and having the most mauliest yet sensitive smile the world has seen. Thank you for always being there for me. Xoxoxo see you later

Richard Barrows


Rachel Stewart

Have a happy Valentine’s day with Gus! Hopefully this Valentine ’s Day is more exciting than last years. Very thankful for our friendship and what it offers! You make every day brighter and always know what to say (except whose fault is that?) Had fun watching theater class J <3

Catalina G.


Ian Deluglio

Thank you for making me so happy, and dealing with me 25/8. You make my days so much brighter; I’m too lucky to have you. Oh and you’re the best looking out there, and thank god you’re mine

Julia Owens


Sarah Magyar , Rachel Fisher, Kyara Cabrera, Mazzo, & Brady

Happy Valentine’s day to my Best friends! Thanks you for always being there for me and picking me up when I was at my lowest<3 I appreciate all of you! & remember , it’s a joke, don’t take it too hard. 😉 #pw2k16

Love, @thekeganmelly



My friend Bussy Bose!!



Kurtis Mathison

Hi. I really like you and I wanted to tell you but didn’t know how. Ok. I just wanted to tell you that. Bye.



Daniella Dichiara, Daeshawn Thomas

Hi! I love you!



To: Daeshawn

You are my best friend. Love you, brother.

From: Anonymous


To: Pablo

You are my best friend

From: Anonymous


To: Victoria Cobb

I love you, best friend. I’m never going to stop loving you best friend.

From: Alondra Castellanos


To: John McCloskey

I love you. You’re beautiful.

From: John McCloskey


To: Danielle Hulsman

I hope your Sunday is filled with as much joy as you give to me. Have fun and enjoy it.

From: Dana B.


To: Amanda Matcirx

You are the best person ever. You are nice to me and sweet; also, I love the way you talk to me and you are always nice and kind to me. I will always be your friend to the end.

From: Kennedy Segura


To: Brandon Kennedy

You have helped me be myself; you are the best friend. I look forward to seeing you every day in school. 🙂

From: Jennifer Giancola


Jackson Morgan

You are a loser but you’re also pretty cool, so I like being your friend.

gg a+ good job

Charlie J



U rock dude <3 love you

Your lover



You’re an idiot sometimes, but that’s all right ‘cause you cool. Love you !<3



Haitham Fostok

Haitham, I love being with you. You make me laugh all the time. Your eyes are so pretty. I can get lost in your deep gaze. I love going on dates with you. I love you!

Justin McCarthy


Junior class

You all hold a special place in my heart!

<3 Mrs. Kalemba


To: Anthony L.

Be the Kurt to my Courtney

From: Courtney P.


To: Catalina Garcia

Have a great Valentine’s Day! Thank you for being a good friend and always being there for me. Tell Ginges I said hey. Love when we spend time with each other eating Takis and Goldfish and watching and talking about theater class and paprika sauce. XOXO.

From: Rachel Stewart


Kristy Tobar

This is a shoutout to my best friend, the love of my life, Kristy Tobar! I can’t wait to spen d Valentine’s day together making chocolate-covered pretzels. Love you lots

Rachel Esteves


Alexis Costa

I just want to say I think you’re really pretty, and although we aren’t spending Valentine’s day together, you  will always be my Valentine. I also have something to ask you.. PROM? Even if you say “no,” I’ll always love you.

Rachel Esteves


Rachel Esteves

Thank you for being my Valentine 1/24/16 for life- one of many well-spent together 😉 love you, see ya @ dinner @ 7:30. (glad we are friends)

Alexis Costa


Torri Burghoffer

Thank you for being such an amazing best friend! You are an amazing young lady, and I feel very blessed to have the chance to be your best friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you! You have helped me through so much. LOVE YOU, CEBOLLA

Gabby Golloza









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