Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong…

valentine's dayI know you’re planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date- flowers, chocolate, a romantic movie and dinner. Everyone looks forward to this day if you have a certain someone in your life. Here are some other options for a smooth- going Valentine night:

  1. Watch her favorite movie; it doesn’t matter what movie—as long as it’s one of her favorites.
  2. Buy her favorite chocolates and flowers.
  3. Have everything planned out instead of going back and forth deciding on something to do.
  4. Prepare that perfect prom-proposal for Valentine’s Day night.
  5. Remembering to get a haircut and shower.
  6. Open the car door for her.
  7. Write her a handwritten love letter.
  8. Take her out for a special dinner.

Even though these are all great ideas for the special night, most of the time things don’t always go as planned. The list below explains just a few possibilities if Murphy’s Law sets in.

  1. FAV MOVIE: You see her favorite movie and the star of the show- Zach Efron, is hotter than you.
  2. CHOCOLATE: You buy her favorite chocolate but it has peanuts in it and she’s allergic. You end up spending the night in the hospital with her.
  3. PLANS: You don’t plan on something to do and neither does she, so you spend the night doing nothing.
  4. PROM-PROPOSAL: You finally come up with the perfect prom-proposal to ask her and she says: “I’m going with someone else..” before you even get the chance to ask her.
  5. PREP: You tell your barber to surprise you with a handsome haircut and he gives you this….. Valentine Hair Cut




6. MANNERS: You open the car door for her, but it turns out it’s the wrong car and the alarm goes off.

7. LOVE LETTER: After weeks of coming up with the right words to put in a lover letter to give your girlfriend, you put it on your passenger seat. It’s a nice day out, so you open the window, and the letter flies out on the highway.

8. OUT TO DINNER: You take her out to a restaurant you always go to and the waiter says, “Wow weren’t you just here last night with Cathy? Back so soon?” Your girlfriend’s name isn’t Cathy…

So there it is: if you’re willing to take the chance on bringing that special someone out on Valentine’s Day, here are some final words of wisdom: GOOD LUCK!

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