Month: October 2016

Disney Presents…Banner Night!


fullsizerenderHHS students worked days upon days to complete a grade-specific, favored Disney themed banner for Banner Night at the September 30 football game. All four grades were vying for first place from the five different judges.

            Preparing for Banner Night, students worked on a wooden board approximately 4’ by 8’ that would soon turn into their artistic canvas. The seniors depicted the Pixar movie Up, in competition with the juniors who presented Aladdin. The sophomores created Inside Out, and the freshmen featured Toy Story.  With only class advisors helping each grade, the banners turned out exceptionally well.

            According to English teacher, Ms. Lisa Kenny, Banner Night was awesome.   “More outstanding than anything was the freshman banner,” she said. “Ordinarily, the freshman banner does not capture the magnificence that this year did,” she added.

Ms. Kenny pointed out that the winner is chosen after each judge voices his/her opinion. “Our first choice and the overriding factor with the seniors was that maybe the seniors were a tad better in some of the judges’ eyes,” she said.

According to Ms. Kenny, the judges were also wowed in the press box by the manner in which students dressed in theme to present the banner. “This was the best year ever,” Ms. Kenny said.

Students also commented on the banner’s success. According to senior class-president, Miranda Kuhrt, Up was chosen for its cute idea. “We thought of how we could incorporate the balloons for the 3-D effect. From the beginning, we always said we’d lose to the juniors, and we were surprised that we got first place,” said Miranda.

            Junior class president, Anthony Christiana said, “We were conflicted. We wanted a board that would be easily recognizable to contrast the seniors’ relatively obscure theme.” Anthony continued to say that for the most part, they stuck to what they imagined. “Our art was probably technically better than any other grade, but our subject and colors made it less striking than other classes’ boards. The other grades rightfully outperformed us,” he said

            Sophomore class-president, Kelly Nee said, “We basically started going through Pixar movies and when Inside Out came up, we all sort of had a vision of what we could do with it.” She continued to state that they followed what they pictured in their heads originally. “The other grades banners were honestly really cool; we were definitely impressed,” said Kelly.

            Freshman class-president, Fernando Leva said, “The student council had a vote and, beforehand, I took a poll on the themes and Toy Story was liked by many. I thought the idea was great since many of us grew up with Toy Story. Also, in Toy Story, the toys are united in every movie, just like I see our year is united through every grade level.” Fernando continued to say that he thought the banner “looked spectacular with all of the hard work put into it.”

            Needless to say, the seniors won, with freshman being a close second, juniors in third, and the sophomores taking fourth. All in all, fun was had. Next year, grades will be vying for first place once more.