Presidential Showdown # 2


by Natalia Laskowska and Amanda Beeh

When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet for their second debate Sunday night, they will bring with them successes and failures of the first debate. Unlike the first debate, the second debate, slated for October 9, will take the form of a town meeting.

The first debate fielded questions by moderator Lester Holt. Sunday’s debate, however, promises a different flavor. Hosted by Washington University in St. Louis, half of the candidate questions will be posed directly by citizen participants. The other half will be posed by the moderator, based on topics of broad public interest as reflected in social media and other sources.

The candidates will have two minutes to respond; likewise, there will be an additional minute for the moderator to facilitate further discussion.
Viewers expect the candidates to expand upon ideas and proposals brought to the surface in the first debate.  This first show-down was divided into six segments of approximately 15 minutes each and centered on three topics:  America’s direction, prosperity, and security. Each segment was opened with a question from the moderator, after which each candidate had two minutes to respond. Candidates then had the opportunity to respond to each other.

According to the first debate, to achieve prosperity, Clinton plans to make the economy fairer by raising minimum wage and taxes for the wealthy. “First we have to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top,” said Clinton. “The kind of plan that Donald has put forward would be trickle down economics all over again; I call it, trumped up trickle down,” Clinton added.

Trump addressed issues of an outsourced economy where countries like China and Mexico take production from America. “You look at what China is doing to our country,” Trump said, “they’re using our country as a piggy bank to rebuild their country.” Along with putting production back in America, Trump plans a new tax reform which includes raising oversea sales and giving money back to the companies and employees.

According to Clinton, America needs to take a step in the right direction. For her, this includes ending racial discrimination, working to make sure that police officers are trained properly, and using police force only when necessary. Trump, on the other hand, spoke of inner city crime and gun control. “We have gangs roaming the street,” Trump said, “and in many cases they are illegal immigrants. You have to take away the guns from the bad people.”

Trump also, is in favor of stop-and-frisk practices.  Holt and Clinton spoke up, saying that stop-and-frisk was racial profiling, unconstitutional, and ineffective,  specifically in Chicago.

Clinton opened the topic of security with the issue of cyber attacks and Russia’s role in stealing private information. She also addressed terrorism and the want to keep terrorists alive because, as said by Clinton, “They can provide information to us that we might not get anywhere else.” Trump talked about cracking down on cyber warfare in order to further expose ISIS, pointing out that Americans should do better with cyber security. Trump continued by commenting on Clinton’s and Obama’s responsibility for the formation of ISIS after soldiers in Afghanistan were sent home. He also spoke of involving NATO in defeating ISIS.

When asked how they felt about the first presidential debate, HHS students responded with similar opinions. Senior Jacob Christiano pointed out that the debate felt “very disorganized.” Sophomore Megan Bolger said, “I don’t want either of them to be our president.”

All-in-all there are specific expectations for the upcoming debate. “When the candidates insult each other, they come off as extremely immature and do not leave a good impression,” said senior Marsha Grenewicz. “It might be funny, but that’s not what we’re looking for in a president, and we expect them to be more mature and respectful towards our country.”


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