Is Dating a Thing of the Past?

Remember the days when you went out with someone to get to know one another? The days where you would get a bite to eat or went to the park for a nice walk. In the new generation, a lot of that has changed with the thought of talking. Talking is the new substitute for what was once dating.

So exactly what is talking? It is interplay of texting between two “interested” parties. Many teenagers today start “relationships” by talking. Some teenagers see it as a great thing to be talking, and others think it can be just a waste of time.

Nowadays, teenagers think that using an electronic device is a great way to start dating someone. They go to websites or social media to find someone, but it’s sad to see that teenagers do not really go out and enjoy one another’s presence anymore. What they do is send each other text messages that sometimes can be the silliest thing. Teens are content by just a simple text message that can say “You’re beautiful” or “Wow, I’m so happy I met you.” If simple comments can make you happy, then actually spending time with that person will be even better.

Talking was never a phase in relationships in the past generations; dating was a romantic endeavor. It constituted activities with one another in order to learn about that other person and possibly enjoy being together. Today, however, talking is classified as “almost dating,” and it is sadly what some young people settle for. In some cases if you and someone are talking, you do things and say things that a couple who is actually together would, but talking also causes a lot of problems because some people do not consider talking as something serious. It can be a very confusing term when defining relationships.

Here’s the point: most girls think that talking is a pretty serious step for a relationship, but then there are guys who believe that talking is not a real relationship which leads to their talkingwith many other people. According to HHS freshman Tyler Turnage, “Guys tend to want to jump right in and date; however, girls like the slower subtle approach to dating. So, they talk for quite some time until they as a couple, have figured it out.”

Truth be told, can one even call talking a relationship? There is no commitment, and there is no assurance that the other person is not going to be unfaithful. It could be meaningless to one person but meaningful to the other.  “Love is not some kind of game, so things need to be taken seriously from both sides,” Turnage stated.

When asked if talking leads to more cheating, HHS sophomore Nour Fostok said, “Of course. Although talking may not be dating, if both parties like each other and flirt, one of them shouldn’t go off and talk with another person.”

Overall, dating and the process of meeting someone that you may like or love has changed a lot. People are not as serious; the romance of dating and wooing someone has been sucked out of the idea of relationships. Ultimately, talking is a term that confuses people and takes away the whole purpose of dating. Young woman and men should not settle for talking, and if you know what you want and it is serious, go for it. Dating is supposed to be between two people who care for each other, may it be like or love, and actually have an interest in each other.

So, as Valentine’s Day approaches, think of this: there was once a romantic time of dating….a time when real letters were written by hand and sealed with love. It must have been nice and refreshing when you could go out with someone and actually speak to their face and not simply text through a phone screen.

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