The Groundhog Isn’t the Only One Seeing Its Shadow

The students and teachers of Hopatcong High School participated in the school’s annual Shadow Day on February 2, 2017 in celebration of Groundhog Day.

During the school’s first spirit week of 2017, students were given the opportunity to follow a teacher of their choice around for one day. Although Shadow Day is a long-standing, annual activity, there is a clear competition between students as Shadow Day approaches. Every year, students vie for the chance of following a particular teacher.

The morning the paperwork comes out, students run through the halls, racing to get signatures. HHS senior Rhiannon Bender said, “I woke up at 5:00 in the morning to get to school at 6:20 in the morning. I have never been here that early in my life. I was very competitive this time. I was very determined to get Ms. Kalemba.”

The students that participated in Shadow Day took on the schedule of the teacher, but how does that change the teacher’s daily routine? HHS Social Worker/ Counselor, Mrs. Mary Ellen Fata said, “It changes it, but it’s a good change.” Mrs. Fata got her shadows involved by incorporating them into the FIT activities throughout the course of the day. Also, during the teacher’s lunch period, the teachers and students enjoyed a meal together in the library.

For HHS freshman and first time shadower, Charlotte Whritenour, shadowing Mrs. Fata offered her a look into her future career. “I chose Mrs. Fata because I want to go into the field of child studies,” said Whritenour. Bender, a second- time shadower, said that she had “a lot of fun” the previous year, which ultimately led her to shadow again. She said she “got to step into Ms. Kalemba’s place” rather than being on the other end and recommends shadowing for those who have yet to shadow.

Shadow Day is a continued tradition in Hopatcong High School. It is a day of learning, where students create closer bonds with teachers and have the opportunity to step into their shoes.

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