Valentine’s Day: 2017 Shout Outs!

To: Amanda Beeh 
  Beeh Mine?????
  From: Torre Gonzalez

To: Christian Mott
  Get Good
  From: Charles

To: Stephen Lengkong (Big Steve)
  Hi Big Steve
  From: Anthony Melillo

To: Rhiannon Bender
  Thank you for being my best friend for the past 12 years! I love you!
  From: Juliana Nelson

To: Teagan
  Bow ties are red
  The TARDIS is blue,
  I’m glad you’re still here,
  I love you.
  From: Rhi
To: Heather Sutton, Cameron Dinulos, Abby Dekkar, Kelly Nee, and everyone else in Drama/pit
I am so hyped to act with all of you on stage! The effort that you guys put forth is paying off already!!! We are      going to blow the crowd away if we keep moving in the direction that we are! Thank you all for being there for me; also I appreciate everything that you guys do!! I hope all of you have a great Valentine ’s Day. Special love to my Valentine Heather.
From: Devin Bellotti

To: Abigail
  You’re a bum, but at least you’re cute.
  From: Conner
 ♥To: All the people who don’t have someone to share this day with!
  You don’t need to depend on anyone else for your happiness!
  From: Rachel Fischer
To: Dana Carbone
 I think I’m in love with u and your gooseyness; can we get goosey sometime? And also, can u be my     GooseValentine > < <333333333
From: Jennifer Hughes

To: Sophia Tan
I’m so happy we reconnected again senior year; you are truly an amazing friend. Thank you for your company in culinary::)
From: Ali Flores
To: Shelby
You are the love of my life. Thank you for jump starting my Jetta and driving around in my dad’s truck with me. I really appreciate it.
From: Konnor Karpenter

To: Nicole Parks

Dear Nicole, you are the greatest friend that I could ever ask for. You are amazing, silly, sweet, crazy (in a good way), beautiful, fun, and awesome! You are always there for me and you listen to my goofy and weird stories and jokes. I love it when you hug me and when we take videos/selfies together and post them on social media. You will always be my Parksy and I will always be your Vroom Vroom. Thank you for supporting me, and being by my side when times are tough. I promise that I will do the same for you. I will always support you, be there for you and be by your side when times are tough for you. I love you very much and you will forever be my best friend. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  

From: Veronica Carreras

To: Christie Happel

  Happy Valentine’s Day, Pa.

  From: Madelynn Freire


To: Selena Figueroa

  Happy Valentine’s Day, friend. Go eat some chocolate.

  From: Madelynn Freire


To: Paige Switzer


  From: Madelynn Freire


To: Tyler Turnage

Thanks for being a great pal always yaddy.

  From: Lily and Abbi


To: Erin Ross

Hello cutie xx. I’m not sure if we’ll be on good terms when you get this, but I just thought this was a good opportunity to make you smile. I hope you understand how much you mean to me; I love you. xoxo.

From: Jessica


To: Summer Christie

I hope this tacky little thing makes you smile, thanks for being such a good friend! I love you <3

From: Jess


To: Summer Christie

Summer, you have been my best friend through all the ups and downs. You have dealt with my idiocy and my continuous annoyance and stuck with me through all of it. You really understand me and I love you for it. <3 Happy Valentine’s Day!!

From: Brittney Lenkong


To: Amanda Sutton

  You’re one of the best friends I have ever had; Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! I would not be me without you as a friend.

  From: Caitlin Petersen


To: Caitlin Petersen

  Happy Valentine’s Day!! You may be single but you still have me!!

  From: Amanda Sutton


To: Mrs. DeRose

  Thank you for always making me feel like an equal and for educating me about literature!

  From: Mrs. Cubberly


To: Mrs. DeRose’s period 1 class

  Thank you for always making Period 1 exciting and fun!

  From: Mrs. Cubberly


To: Mrs. Cubberly

Thank you for making us smile every morning!

Mrs. DeRose and her 1st period class 🙂


To: Mrs. Carr

Thank you for making me feel such a big part in our class and for allowing me to use the technology with our class. It has been a great year so far! I love Science now!

From: Mrs. Cubberly


To: Mrs. Carr’s 6th period class

  Thank you for always making 6th period fun. We have a great time while getting our work completed!

  From: Mrs. Cubberly


To: Jackie Travisano

  Dear Jackie, from the moment I saw you I knew you were the love of my life, call me xoxo

  Love, anonymous


To: Joey Walthour

  I think your cute; snapchat me sometime 😉

  From: anonymous


To: Adora Iurato

  To Ree Ree, I love you and Chumlee xoxo

  From: Anonymous


To: Mr. Ross

  We miss your class!

  From: Anonymous


To: the janitors

You guys are pretty awesome; thanks for everything!

From: Rhi 🙂


To: Sacura Williams

I just Want to tell you that you’re a good friend; since this 4 months you have been there for me. I just wanted to tell you Happy Valentine’s Day.

From:  Rose Marie Vazquez


To: Mrs. Cubberly’s 2nd Period English class

  Thank you for making English class always an adventure!

  From: Mrs. Cubberly


To: Mrs. Cubberly’s 3rd Period Geometry class

  Thanks for always making me laugh and for enjoying my corny humor!

  From: Mrs. Cubberly


To: Mrs. Cubberly’s 5th Period Applications class

  Thank you for always keeping it interesting – never a dull moment!

  From: Mrs. Cubberly


To: Mrs. Cubberly’s 8th Period Geometry class

Thank you for making the end of my day so wonderful!

From: Mrs. Cubberly


To Julie:

  I am so lucky and proud and grateful to have you in my life. I love you 🙂

  From: Your baby daddy


To Mrs. Cubberly:

You’re always so considerate and sweet; you’re an awesome teacher and thank you so much for bringing us doughnuts 🙂 it’s a great incentive!

From: Your Second Favorite Student


To Gianna:

You’re an awesome neighbor and friend; thanks for being my human gps and sorry for all the whiplash I’ve   probably given you 🙂 <3

From:  the Getaway Driver


To the doctor:

Not to inflate the ego… But, you’re pretty hot, you’re kinda sweet, n I like your Jeep xp

From:  Blue

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