2017 Prom: Masks Off… For Prom

May 19th wasn’t just any Friday for Hopatcong High School; it was a night filled with endless laughs, cries, unforgettable memories, and Shirley Temples, for that matter. What was anticipated to be an evening of rain and gloom turned out to be a perfect backdrop for a sea of glowing, dazzling students ready to have the time of their lives. This year’s prom was a truly special one, from the very first picture to the very last dance.

                Like tradition, the prom-goers first gathered for scenic pictures at Modick Park. Soon after, they made their way to the beautifully decorated high school gym, where everyone and their lovely dates could stride upon the red carpet, take silly pictures with their friends holding the big P-R-O-M letters, and chatter among each other in excitement before boarding the buses that would take them to their extravagant location.

                This year, prom was held at The Brownstone, an enchanting banquet hall in Paterson, New Jersey. The venue was a magical sight all around, with its twinkling chandeliers, a garden with light-strung trees and a glittering fountain, and endless dainty embellishments throughout the inte

rior. The atmosphere emanated a fairytale-like essence throughout the entire night.

                Soon after being greeted with endless appetizers and Shirley Temples, the crowds were allowed to move up to the next floor of the building, where elegant tables and a wide-open dance floor awaited them. It didn’t take long for everyone to enter the floor and start dancing the night away. Corny as it sounds, the DJ brought everyone together with nonstop iconic, classic songs that everybody could sing along and let loose to without a care in the world.

                Throughout the rest of the night, along with getting lost among the inexhaustible crowd of

dancers, people were able to take silly pictures with their friends

and dates in the signature photo booth, as well as devour the heaping platters of food served to the guests throughout the night. The chocolate fountain, along with the heavenly variety of cakes for dessert was a great touch, as well.

                Winding down to the end of the night, the time came to announce this year’s prom king and queen. Once an eager crowd   had formed a circle around the dance floor, the winners were announced—seniors Anthony Turkington and Sophia Milan! The crowd cheered for the beautiful pair as they were each granted their ornate and sparkling crowns.

    Just before the night concluded, a vastly anticipated moment, especially by our seniors, finally arrived. The students were called over to a TV screen at the front of the dance floor, and were finally able to watch this year’s coveted senior video. Lasting about 30 minutes, the wonderfully-made movie by Julia Owens and Amy Neidel documented this year’s seniors’ fondest memories. It included clips from different events all throughout the year, from sports, plays, talent shows, pep-rallies, and other unifying class moments. It elicited plenty of tears, heartwarming sighs, and an overall feeling of appreciation for our class and the year’s worth of memories that came with it.

                All in all, the night was a successful, sentimental, and extraordinary experience. It was a night in which everyone was able to come together and just enjoy the company of  friends and classmates‒-dance, sing, laugh, and have fun without a worry in sight. There was never a dull moment among the crowd of stunning students; they each shone with grace and brilliance, and made for an unquestionably remarkable night that will likely be remembered by all who attended for years to come.

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