HHS Seniors Awarded Scholarships

Parents, students, teachers, and charitable townspeople gathered in the high school auditorium on June 6 for the Hopatcong Senior Awards Ceremony. For the complete hour-and-a-half, the selected senior students waited as each scholarship was presented, and then awarded to at least one certain individual.


The sharings were generous, as over $40,000 was distributed to many graduating Seniors. To kick-off the event, the Superintendent’s Roundtable Award was given to valedictorian Kelly Maegerlein, then followed was the Paula Mae Bandler “Smile” Scholarship awarded to Marguerite Ellicott and Christopher Kaminski. Next, many seniors such as Devin Bellotti, Dmitreus Cardines, Cameron Dinulos, Andrew Giordano, Dylan Hess, Aubrey McCarrick, Christopher Sanford were awarded the Thank You for Your Service Award. As well, the Gregory Pellinger Scholarship of the Arts was given to Caitlin Gartley and Michael Umholtz, and the Kristina Rose Threlkeld Memorial Scholarship was gifted to Nicole Schwarz. 

Other awards were as follows:

·         The Robert Thomas Law Enforcement Scholarship was awarded to Siera Simon.

·          The Richard H. Hodson Award in Physics was given to Justin Feliciano

·         The West Side Methodist Church Peacemakers Award was awarded to Alexa Yanko.

·         The Sussex County Scholar Athlete Award was gifted to Siera Simon.

·         The 2017 Thomas B. Trudgeon Scholarship was given to Bart Yarosz.

·         The 2017 Kevin Bartilotta Scholarship was given to Christian Mott.

·         The Dr. A.R. Gianni & Dorothea R. Gianni Scholarship was given to Leeanndra Mahabir and Nicole Schwarz.

·         The Hopatcong Day Plus Scholarship was distributed between Jodi Callaghan, Julia Owens, Rachel Fischer, Christopher Sanford and Samantha Serocke.

·         The Hopatcong Association of Principals and Supervisors Scholarship was awarded to Jodi Callaghan.

·         The Barbara Carlon Character Award was gifted to Julia Owens.

·         The Michael Wills Memorial Scholarship was given Sophia Milan.

·         The Lake Hopatcong Rotary Scholarship was given to Erin Ross, Nicole Schwarz, Mallory Vicedomini,         Julia Owens, Siera Simon, and Michael Umholtz.

·         The Hopatcong Women’s Club Scholarship was given to Natalia Laskowska and Nicole Schwarz.

·         The Paul D. Pinsonault Memorial Foundation Scholarship was given to Michael Umholtz, Kristina Feeley and Sophia Tan.

·         The Hopatcong Fire Company #4 Robert Nowatnick & Robert Yates Scholarships were awarded to Siera Simon, and Justin Feliciano.

·         The Kevin Natale Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Jillian Onstad.

·         The Kiwanis Club of Lenape Valley Scholarship was given to Michael Umholtz.

·         The Hopatcong Education Association Scholarship was given to Patrick Aufiero.

·         The Hopatcong High School’s PTSO Scholarship was given to Liam Cook, Emilee Metzger, Christian Mott, Julia Owens, Nicole Rodick, Aaron Russo, Michael Umholtz, Mallory Vicedomini, Brianne Willis, and Alexa Yanko.

·         The Hopatcong High School Chiefs Booster Club Scholarship was distributed between Julia Owens, Destinee Tor, Michael Umholtz, Mallory Vicedomini, Brianne Willis, Alexa Yanko, and Emilee Metzger.

·         The JoAnn Bromirski-Lange Memorial Scholarship was given to Elisa Campos.

·         The John A. Hinlicky Memorial Scholarship was given to Kelly Maegerlein.

·         The Shop-Rite Awards – Personality & Common Sense, Community Service was given to Patrick Aufiero and Angel Holmes.

·         The Just Give Back Scholarship was given to Samantha Serocke.

·         The Highliters Twirlers in Memory of Diane Lerman and Sandra Nicholas was given to Michael Umholtz.


·         The Hopatcong High School Drama Parents Association Scholarship was given to Michael Umholtz, Rhiannon Bender, Nicole Schwarz and Alejandra Flores.

·         The VFW Music Award was given to Nicole Schwarz.

·         The Creative Writing Award was given to Rhiannon Bender.

·         The National Honor Society Award was given to Angel Holmes.

·         The National Honor Society Service Award was given to Michael Umholtz.

·         The Alyssa Ruggieri Memorial Scholarship was given to Kelly Maegerlein.

·         The Student Council Leadership Award was given to Anthony Melillo.

·         The Hopatcong Jaycees/Mike Juskus Olympic Scholarship was given to Michael Hon.

·          The “Blummer” Award was given to James O’Brien.

·         The Hopatcong Republican Club Scholarship was given to Michael Umholtz and Siera Simon.

·         The Hopatcong Warriors Scholarships – Cheerleading & Football was given to Samantha Serocke, Destinee Tor, Bart Yarosz and Christopher Sanford.

·         The Byram Bus Scholarship was given to Cameron Dinulos.


Along with the scholarships given, English teacher and senior class advisor, Ms. Christine Kalemba, was awarded the Class of 2017 Yearbook Dedication, and art teacher Mr. Jon Rischawy was given the Class of 2017 Teacher of Excellence Award.

All in all, the ceremony greatly benefitted many graduating Seniors, and gifted them the aid to guide them through the next few years. Thanks to all this year’s benefactors, this year’s Seniors will leave Hopatcong High School with much more assurance and gratitude to take on their futures.










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