Chiefs Reclaim Fighting Spirit

Although the HHS Varsity football team launched their first home game to Shabazz Bulldogs with a 28-6 loss, junior Quarterback Danny Farina claimed, “This week we really proved who we are.” The week before, the Chiefs lost to North Warren with no points scored, and came back this week with a touchdown and a fighting spirit.

The game remained scoreless throughout the first quarter. In the second quarter, Hopatcong made it on the board first after a touchdown by senior Armando Santiago. The 2 yard run put up 6 points for the Chiefs and was followed by a failed two-point conversion.

Possibly Hopatcong’s toughest competitor was Shabazz junior Anthony Travis Jr. who threw for 3 touchdowns that led to Shabazz’s win against the Chiefs. His first was in the second quarter as his pass was caught and brought 74 yards to the endzone by Shabazz senior Nasir Collins. The extra point gave Shabazz the lead going into halftime.

Although Chiefs were disappointed by the loss, the football team has a whole season ahead of them. When asked about the team’s future goals, senior captain Anthony Mastroeni said, “We need to work on sticking together and not fighting with each-other in the huddle when something goes wrong.”

Going into the third quarter, Shabazz scored 2 more touchdowns, including extra points, putting the score at 21-6. The Bulldogs scored once more in the fourth quarter, with the final score of the game being 28-6 as Shabazz finished the game on top.

Chief fans did not disappoint. All four grades were represented in the student section, whether they were throwing glitter or joining in chanting with the cheerleaders. The HHS Marching Band brought continued cheer in their spirited half time show.

When the crowd goes wild, there’s always a chance that the players get distracted. But not the Chiefs. “They get us hype, but when we’re out there, it’s just us eleven guys,” said Danny Farina.

Although the Chiefs started off their season 0-2, they certainly have a chance to come back this week at home against the Newton Braves on September 22. Last time the two teams faced off, the Chiefs were defeated 41-0. Is it time for the Chiefs to fight back?


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