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If you are gamer who salivates at every single challenge a game has to offer and wishes for something to sweep you off your feet, then Dark Souls 3 is a needed item in your collection. This monstrous bull of a game is an enthralling beast that is fun to ride, knocking you off time and time again; it ends only when you either stay on, or quit in rage. The world you are dropped into is not only bleak, like Fallout 4, but it is also breathtaking. It’s saturated with interesting stories and hard to find secrets, wrapped in the most enthralling thrills of overcoming a challenge. With amazing ambience and music, Dark Souls 3 is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Of course, this game falls into the pit holes that other masterly crafted games do, such as underwhelming boss fights like Yhorm the Giant, and the occasional frame rate drop when many spells are on screen. Even still, it’s one of the best worlds from Software that has ever been created.

A World Both Vast and Mysterious to Explore:

To the destroyed white brick Castle of Lothric to the damp poison swamp of Farron Keep, to even the maze- like library of the Grand Archives, there are always treasures to find in Dark Souls 3 . With the implementation of illusionary walls, any scene can grant a new item or challenge.
The game forced me to keep my eyes open and to traverse suspiciously. For example, an area called Smoldering Lake has giant crossbows shooting from above. If you manage to hit a somewhat suspicious brick floor, it will cave in, leaving you in a confused state as you scramble to make sense of the labyrinth you fell into. You can search an area for hours, and still find intriguing armor sets, strong weaponry, and possibly new bosses the second time you enter.

While Dark Souls 3´s world is slightly less intertwined than its predecessors, it’s still a world that feels interconnected— you can draw a perfect map of the connected worlds quite easily. For example, in Anor Londo you can reach the top of an area called Yorshka’s Church, which you found five areas ago! If you go to any tall location, chances are you will see a previous or future location.
Most games just throw you from world to world, not caring their relation, but here, the different areas feel like a complete world. The only criticism that can really peek its head from this Software created world, is the fact that it lacks platforming challenges that previous installments had: Sen´s Fortress in Dark Souls 1. However, this is just a minor scratch on the diamond of this world.

Side Questing Stories:
Dark Souls 3 is a game that keeps its lore obscure at best. In side quests, this game sheds the light needed to understand not only the bosses that plague the world, but also the world itself. New and old NPC come into light, each with their own loveable personality, goals, and interests, and can help you in achieving the challenges. When you do, a genuine feeling of accomplishment from helping those people is earned. Not only do you get heartwarming dialogue, but sometimes, even certain rings and interesting items that can assist you in your quest.

There are still bugs that can appear while going through, and certain characters may not show up if you go slightly off of the path intended, and this can lead to the failure of the quest. It’s an annoyance that may lead to using a guide in order to finish— it becomes unclear on what exactly needs to be done to continue someone´s quest. Overall, it’s a system that needs some fixing in order to keep people immersed in others quests.

The Fighting
Dark Souls 3 has the capabilities of adapting to anyone´s play styles. It incorporates an RPG style leveling-up system, where every kill gives you souls (EXP points); you can put these into your stats, raising magic use and strength to physical use and strength, or equipping you with more trivial things like health and stamina. Thus, depending on what you want your character to be, the game can achieve and surpass it. The right hand normally holds a sword which can be upgraded with certain materials, adding an enchantment of choice. The left hand obtains either defensive shields that can be used for blocking or parrying, making you feel like a real fighter, when in reality, you just pressed a button at the right time.
Not up for a defensive maneuver? Other weaponry such as spells, pyromancy, long range sorcery, and self buffing miracles are available. Each and every option can give you a new and interesting play style.

Lords Of Cinder:
The crowning jewels with this gaming experience are the fights; they make all humans curse to the heavens and slam their only controller on their wooden table in their parents’ basement. Bosses are not just the bread and butter of the series; it’s also everything else on the breakfast table that you love. Each boss has their own fighting style and methods.

Comparing two of the four Lords of Cinder is a great example. One very hard fight is called the Abyss Watchers, a fan favorite, and its gimmick is how in the first part of the fight you battle multiple enemies. Yet, one of the Abyss Watchers fight on your side. It offers such a big contrast from many other boss fights. Another Lord of Cinder would be the Twin Princes. They teleport throughout the room, easily double teaming you, as you are disoriented from a crazed swordsman who always seems to be behind you.

If you think that’s all Dark Souls 3 bosses have to offer, then your dead wrong, literally in this case. With many additional sub bosses and hidden bosses, it really is incredible how each one has an amazing backstory, fight, and memorable moments. As mentioned, the game is mainly silent, but here is where the incredible music begins to shine.

Imagine entering a building after hearing mainly wind and your own rhythmic footsteps. You enter through the large wooden door, and a giant beast falls from the ceiling. Suddenly, you hear an orchestra begin to rise. Silent, yet present, voices in the background accompany soft strings or loud drums. Either way, it’s an experience that can make your spine chill even just hearing it.

Overall, Dark Souls 3 is a very hard gaming experience with beautiful, yet oppressive, visuals and breathtaking music. Each area and boss is well thought out with deep and interesting lore. It’s a gaming experience that will leave you accomplished and wanting more.

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