Football Chiefs Honor Teachers and Staff

[Photo by senior Emilie Sabura]






About 76 participants, teachers and HHS football players, came together to celebrate Staff Appreciation Day by having a luncheon in the library last Friday.

As in past years, football players asked teachers that have influenced them at some point in their lives or school careers to wear their white jersey and accompany them to a lunch funded and catered by the football parents. Students were quick to admire their chosen mentors. “The person who helped me find my career path should be the person I appreciate,” said senior Liam McGuire about HHS athletic trainer Mr. Matt McKowen.

According to the director of athletics and building administrator, Mr. Chris Buglovsky, this event has been going on for as long as he has been on staff at the school, for the past 13 years. It is a day of appreciation that demonstrates another level of Chief pride.

“It’s good to see that our athletes take into consideration what their teachers do for them everyday,” said football coach Mr. Kevin Malkin. Talking with many of the players, this statement holds true. Pointing toward Mr. Buglovsky, senior Tyler Dixon jokingly added, “I have seen him grow up as much as he has seen me grow up.”

It was not only the students appreciating the staff though; many of the players had an impact on teachers and staff, as well. “I have been watching Jack for quite some time, and I think he has grown into quite the man; he has true grit,” said Mrs. Marilyn Volpe about Jack Certo.

Some of the students and teachers have a friendly relationship that goes beyond the classwork, like HHS math teacher Mr. Michael Landshof and Frankie Mastroeni. When asked why Frankie chose Mr. Landshof to be his teacher of inspiration, he said, “I wanted to see him fit in a small jersey.” Conversely, Mr. Landchoff’s immediate reaction to being asked by Frankie was “I’m not going to fit in that small jersey!”

Not everyone realizes how much teachers and students really do impact each other and how much the teachers really make school what it is. “Having the ability to see you all come in as freshman and grow up, it’s better than any paycheck,” said Mr. Buglovsky. Recognizing the positive effect of the event he added, “To be quite honest, I would like to do this for every sport, and activity.”

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