Seniors Save Face in Power Puff Game

The senior girls were declared champions of the annual Powder Puff football game held at Hopatcong High School on November 12.  After defeating the freshmen in their first matchup, they faced the sophomores who defeated the juniors in their first game. Although the game with the sophomores was close, the seniors were able to power through and finish the night with two wins.

The game began at 7 pm on the 12th after the game was rescheduled from the 6th due to rain.  There were no worries to be had about attendance, however, as the bleachers were filled with family and friends supporting their favorite players.  Each of the four teams sported a different colored t-shirt, except for the seniors who rocked a white jersey with green and black accents. The freshmen wore purple, the juniors wore yellow, and the sophomores went with a unique teal and green Subway-inspired shirt.

Screaming and cheering, the crowd was perhaps the loudest during the halftime show performed by the senior boys.  While the girls spent the practices leading up to the big night running plays and scrimmaging each other, the boys worked with HHS senior cheerleaders and coaches perfecting their stunts and dance moves. 

Each of the 4 teams crowded the sidelines after the first games to watch the guys perform.  The music began and the crowd roared for the senior boys as they put each other in stunts, did flips and danced across the field.  They continued to bring energy even after their performance, cheering on the girls as the final game, as well as the consolation game, ensued.

Overall, the Powder Puff game once again brought success for the senior class.   “Powderpuff was a great combatant of the stringent gender roles of our society,” said HHS senior and powderpuff cheerleader, Tim Forst.  

“Finally being a senior after all four years of doing it made it really satisfying to win,” added Hannah Giordano, one of the senior powderpuff players.  The seniors were fired up and continued the longstanding tradition of winning the game.

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