Promposal: Vie with a Winner

Prom season has arrived—the season of love, acceptance, and of course, over-the-top proposals that will earn you that prom date of your dreams!  If you wish to be part of the action, submit your idea for the all-time best promposal at this link. That’s correct, you can be the winner of two AMC movie tickets and a possible prom date by participating in this newfound teenage phenomenon.

Doing simple searches on the vast internet through Google, Pinterest, and Youtube, you’ll discover the utter rabbit-hole that is the promposal, a single idea, a cacophony of events, and a non-traversal abyss where each member of society is seemingly trying to outdo one another when it comes to asking someone else to prom. You could take the very easy and socially acceptable question by asking someone out, or you might rather find some way to add that little bit of spice that you believe this question deserves. Luckily for you (and anyone else looking for ways to impress that special someone), a whole lot of expressive and creative attempts have already been put to work.

Let’s start off small: Trust me; many would believe that they couldn’t even begin to replicate such feats.  For those who truly want to make this whole ordeal a bit better, maybe make these your models:

  • Buy a box of chocolate strawberries with a line akin to, “You’ll make me berry happy if etc.” or perhaps you take an extra step and add a costume.
  • Wear a firefighter suit with a poster along the lines of, “Are you Fired up for prom?”

Okay, lets hit those Extremes: Maybe you find the previous options a little too… meager. Well, for those who either have a lot of money or time on their hands and decide to use those resources for a prom invite, then use these as a model: (Seriously, don’t though… I mean come on.)

  • In 2013, West High School, a boy named Justin decided that the best way to ask his girlfriend to prom was with a rather well-rehearsed flash mob dancing to the song “That Girl.” It was one of the more impressive, unnecessary heart-warming spectacles one could possibly stumble upon.
  • Others thought to make the whole question its own puzzle. An unnamed person set up a specially designated area with scattered books on a table. The proposee then had to go to each marked page, and decipher the highlighted words. Of course, you know where this is going; when deciphered, it asked the heartfelt question.
  • This one truly took the cake, so much so that it had appeared in the news. Many families woke up one morning, got in their cars, and drove to work when a strange sight caught their eye. Yep, someone actually rented an ENTIRE Billboard as a way to ask his girlfriend to prom. Truly, she only had one option to choose from.

Maybe we should all take a step back and realize that prom is special.  So go out there and ask that person, however you want. Just remember to make memories, dance, and have fun. You might as well; after all, that billboard wasn’t cheap.

1 comment for “Promposal: Vie with a Winner

  1. jesse yurovchak
    February 11, 2019 at 9:24 pm

    what i did for my promposal was i lined up seven cars and wrote “will you go to prom with me?” i faced all the cars towards the exit of the school so it was the first thing you saw. i bought my date a pandora necklace and stood out the sunroof of one of the cars holding it while she started walking the the steps.

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