Shadow Day

Friday, February 1st, marked yet another successful Shadow Day for the High School. Shadow Day is seen as a unique way to honor Groundhog Day and is a longstanding annual tradition here at Hopatcong High.

Students are given the opportunity to seek out their favorite teacher and accompany him/her throughout the daily school routine, essentially acting as the teacher’s ‘shadow’. This includes dressing up as said teacher and helping out with any errands needed during classes.

“Most shadows are given the opportunity to co-teach a class with their shadowed teacher, said English teacher Mrs. Sandra DeRose. “It’s a great opportunity for a student to see their education through a different lens,” DeRose added.

Shadow Day participants are treated to a luncheon hosted in the library by the HHS Student Council. This year there were 36 participants, a great showing of our student body’s enthusiasm and teacher appreciation!

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