Mr. Hopatcong Struts Once Again

The HHS community enjoyed another successful “Mr. Hopatcong” fundraiser on March 14, an annual event hosted by members of the senior class. This lighthearted and entertaining “Male Beauty Pageant”, consisting of all student contestants, gathered a generous audience. All proceeds earned go towards funding the graduating class of 2019.

The 2019 candidates for Mr. Hopatcong included juniors Sean Cranmer and Fernando Leyva, in addition to seniors Liam McGuire, Angel Ostorva, Ben Bibeault and Evan Hattrich.

Following each contestant’s introduction, the show was comprised of 4 main categories. Up first was swimwear where some of the boys sauntered on stage in standard swim trunks, while others modeled bikini tops and pink flamingo floaties.

Next was the talent portion, which proved to be the biggest hit with the audience. Junior Sean Cranmer began by walking across the stage in a handstand before switching to a one-handed handstand, standing upright and juggling three tennis balls (which were thrown out to the audience at the end of his act).

The audience was treated to more juggling, comedic and singing acts as the night went on. The talent category finished with senior Ben Bibeault and his comedic demonstration of basketball tricks, 3-point shots and slam dunks on a miniature basketball hoop. A short intermission was then allotted while the contestants prepared for the formal wear portion of the evening.

Each contestant was dressed to the nines! The tuxedos ranged from classic black and white to a unique red-velvet. Formal wear quickly transitioned to the next and final category. Each contestant was given the opportunity to answer one question provided by the judges: Mrs. Julie Wilson, Mrs. Stacy Yanko, and Officer Dave.

The judges then conferred for a few minutes before revealing the awaited news. After totaling up each participant’s points, Evan Hattritch was awarded third place, Angel Ostorva, announced second place, and finally, Senior Ben Bibeault was appointed the winner of the 2019 Mr. Hopatcong competition.

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