Editorial: A Letter to HHS Sophomores

What could a student possibly address to another crowd? It’s hard to pretend that the person writing this is some mindless machine that regardless of what he has to say, he can’t quite articulate anything meaningful. In an editorial, I’m expected to address problems that I don’t know and I can’t understand, while I have my own that could fill five-hundred pages; this isn’t a diagnostic on me or my problems, so I’m left in the limbo land of words. So I hope to give my two-cents on the thoughts that preoccupy my mind, and with some luck, I hope to address some of yours.

We as sophomores aren’t blind to the fact that school is almost over. Everyone outside speaks excessively on how quickly these years will go before BAM, welcome to the world. So my ideas all normally run to, “What happens next?”

Now no, I’m not going to lie and tell you everything’s going to be okay or say I know what to do. I could just type, work hard and run after your dreams! How obligatory… I don’t know what your dreams are. Maybe your dreams barely recognize the school system, so why should I scream at you to do well here if your dreams are set on something completely separate from this school universe? I would agree with you in terms of your hard work should be placed in those areas instead.

Don’t use my words as excuses not to care about high school, or to not care in general, because it seems people don’t realize that you should at least get through it. Complaining gets nowhere, and wasted energy not used on school or your passions is energy I’m not willing to support. Yes, I am including that wasted time on some random substance, or that wasted time you have when you decide to do nothing but sit on your butt all day. I had that realization recently, and I’ve placed myself in a situation where I’m frightened I haven’t been using time effectively. I get overly agitated if I feel time being wasted, and while some may point out and call me impatient, I don’t consider impatience as always a bad thing.

I find it strange that, as students, kids, we are supposed to listen and follow certain aspects of life–patience, subordination, logical thinking–and while all should be used in due time, it’s wrong to call them the ultimatum. We as future members of society, members of the next generation who have goals to reach, should begin to practice the opposite of adjectives I’ve listed. People who are overly patient miss opportunities, a subordinate population is a flock of sheep that are easily led by some tyrant, and logical thinking stifles that ambition, promotes self-doubt, and keeps people away from experiences they could have enjoyed. There’s a midline, a grey area between both extremes, and it’s time to get there.  

I’m Nicolas Bozanov, a fellow student, not a guy that’s overly extroverted, and I’m not smart. If I had to compliment myself on anything, it  is the fact that I’m persistent, and a hard worker. I’m asking you to not become me in specific, but I’m asking you to allow me to compliment you the way I compliment myself. I don’t hate anyone, but I despise the lazy and I hate the complainers. No one is defined as these two things. Being a lazy complainer is an affliction; it’s not what a person is by definition, so I’m sure whoever is like this can learn how to no longer be like this.

I run in the honors program, surrounded by those who seemingly have lives figured out, passions and aspirations that I as Nick am unable to say I have. I don’t have it all figured out, and if you were to ask me anything, I would say there is sure a lot of improvement to be done…and while it is scary, I prefer being scared than being blind. I’m sure you do, too.

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