Master Class Held at HHS

[Photos by Emilie Sabura]

The Hanover Wind Symphony performed alongside the Hopatcong High School Concert Band and Wind Ensemble in a joint concert on Wednesday, May 15, in the Hopatcong High School Auditorium.  Prior to the performance, the members of the Hanover Wind Symphony instructed the HHS Band members in a master class, giving them tips and techniques to improve performance.

As the Hopatcong Band students had the privilege of working with the Hanover Wind Symphony in the master class prior to the concert, the overall feeling of professionalism during the concert itself was elevated and the energy was amplified.  “Techniques that they learned in the class helped to heighten their performance,” Hopatcong Band director Mr. Kurt Zimmermann said, adding how this would be the first time his students would have the opportunity to use these techniques. During the concert, different pieces were performed by each group concluding with one final song together.  “The Seal Lullaby” stood out as one of Mr. Zimmermann’s favorite songs of the evening.  This piece was conducted by Mr. Zimmermann and performed by the Hanover Wind Symphony, with Hopatcong music teacher Mrs. Kristen O’Shea added as a piano soloist.  “She’s not a member of that group; she came in as a guest soloist, so it was a whole different feeling and connection,” Mr. Zimmermann added.

The band students themselves admired the ability to work alongside professional musicians in preparation for the concert that evening, as well as their spring concert set to take place on May 29th.  After the concert, senior Anthony Marinaro said, “It was a fantastic feeling to end my senior year with another great concert.  Working with the Hanover Wind Symphony was a great learning experience, and the combined concert was truly something incredible”.

Senior Jennifer Coulman had the opportunity to conduct the final piece performed by both groups titled “Amparito Roca.” She emphasized how exciting it was to conduct two groups that she admired. “Though there’s a lot of fun and excitement in playing, it felt great to be in charge of such a huge and talented group,” said Jennifer. 

Jennifer added that as the performance concluded, she had conflicting emotions; her high school band career was almost over, but she was also happy about the success of the performance.

As graduation approaches, a talented group of seniors takes the next step towards the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately, this means the band must adjust without them.  Luckily, there is still an immensely talented group of students remaining and more are expected to move up next year.  Mr. Zimmermann put it best, saying “You really get to know the students well. It’s tough because you feel like you are losing friends, so it’s hard to imagine what the next year will bring because so many of your friends won’t be there”.

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