Coney Island Christmas is Sure to Be a Big Hit!

The HHS Drama Club is back in full swing, putting on their fall performance, Coney Island Christmas, running Nov. 21- 24 in the High School auditorium.

  Coney Island Christmas, written by Donald Margulies, is a family-oriented show about culture and acceptance. The plot follows an “older” Shirley (Fernando Levya) and her Granddaughter Clara (Leah Turkington) as they watch “younger” 12-year-old, Shirley (Caitlin Peterson) trying to find a balance between family, school, and religion.  Through strict parents, boy problems, and a bit of friendship along the way, Shirley must ultimately convince her parents to allow her to perform a role as Jesus in her school’s Christmas pageant, an unthinkable request, considering her family is Jewish.

Mrs. Abramowitz (Emily Rennie), Shirley’s old fashioned Jewish immigrant mother is opposed to the thought of her child being part of a Christmas show because it would make Shirley forget her people and her heritage. Only her father, Mr. Abromowitz (Jacob Escala) is in favor of it. 

           When asked to describe her character, young Shirley’s personality, HHS senior Caitlin Peterson said, “Loud. Just loud. Very dramatic.” 

According to director Mrs. Kerri Batche, this show was chosen above others because of the positive message about religious acceptance that it portrays. “I think if people are going to understand each other and get along, it is absolutely essential to be educated on others,” Mrs. Batche added.

One of the more challenging features of this show is the set, pointed out by Mr. Michel Batche, the head of construction for the Drama Clu. “There were a lot of questions in the beginning because everything moves at once, but I think it’s going better than I thought it was,” Mr. Batche added.

All in all, Coney Island Christmas is sure to be a big hit! Make sure to come out during Nov. 21- 23 at 7 pm or Nov. 24th at 2 pm in the HHS auditorium. Prices are $7 per student/senior and $10 per adult. Refreshments will be sold.

1 comment for “Coney Island Christmas is Sure to Be a Big Hit!

  1. P. Brennan
    November 19, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    The play sounds like a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and evening out with the family. Some wonderful students are portraying the characters, and I have no doubts that these kids will bring the characters to life.

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