Valentine’s Day Shout Outs!

‘Tis the season of love, and once again Hopatcong Arrow newspaper will be posting  Valentine’s Day shout outs. 
Give a special shout out to the friend who bought you food, or maybe give a shout out to the teacher that helped you in math. Whatever it is, The Arrow invites you to post your shout out by completing the Google Form posted at this link.

2020 Shout Outs!

I shout out to Deja Gutierrez for being my best friend and making me a beautiful mug with our faces on it as cute cartoon characters.

Esmeralda Paredes

I shout out to Evan Pitts because he helped me through my darkest times in life.

Isabella Coats

I shout out to Jocelyn for always being there for me.


I shout out to Julio because you are a great friend.


I shout out to Mrs. Kressman for helping me build my cardboard chair. 🙂


I “Shout Out” to Señora Boatman gracias por enseñar Spanish AP.


I shout out to Juan for being my friend all this time since I came to school —–you have become my friend.


I shout out to Esmeralda P. for always being by my side and making everyone laugh.


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