Editorial Policy

Editor in Chief: Deja Gutierrez

Copy Editor: Lily Christiana

Advisor: Sandra DeRose

Editorial Policy

The Hopatcong Arrow is an open forum for reader opinion.  Letters to the editor are welcome  from students, faculty, and members of the community.  Any material recognized by the editorial board as obscene, libelous, defamatory or disruptive to the educational process will be omitted from the newspaper.  Letters to the editor may be emailed to arrow@hopatcongschools.org. Please include “Letter to the Editor” in the subject of the email.  All letters must be signed. Names may be withheld upon request.

Letters to the editor and opinions written by individual members of the student body do not represent the opinion of the newspaper.

Staff Writers:  Danica Berchin, Lily Christiana, Kaycie Cutler, Jessica Du, Deja Gutierrez, Yarien Hernandez-Castellanos, Trisha Midel, Rachel Owen, Esmeralda Paredes, Morgan Rennie, Alexander Santos, Frankie Wulf

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